80s Business Barbie would be proud (and she’d probably take that look from day-to-night because that pencil skirt? Is actually a hot pink tulle number for disco dancing). I’ve had seasons of SAHM-dom and this all resonates. When it’s a choice, it makes such a difference (versus an expectation or an unemployment bout). I find that it takes some re-subscribing about every 6 months to what it is we’re doing here with the raising of the small people and the satisfying of the big people. That’s the other cool thing. Nothing’s permanent, so we get to change our minds.

P.S. I hope I get to meet your diminutive bosses sometime!

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Writer of essays, collector of vintage, reader of books, wife of one, mother of two. Subscribe to my monthly love letter: http://eepurl.com/c8IhT5

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