Keep Building the Wall

Perhaps it is all pantomime, but our President seems ardent about building this wall. His presidential campaign carried the mantle of this promise. He will fortify our border from the humans he has maligned as “bad hombres,” as animals. He is reportedly exploring options and gathering prototypes to build a proper hedge around our Jericho.

But all the pantomiming and pledging beg the question: are we sure the greener grass is on this side anyway?

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Here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, one is more likely to be killed while wearing a backpack full of school books than wearing fatigues. Our laws around the cribs that hold our babies are strict, and we are profoundly good at containing juveniles and men and women of color behind steel bars, but we are unable to protect our children within the walls and halls of learning. In this country, a school is still intended to be a haven in which to learn and grow and graduate. But in 2018, 20 young people will not be alive to graduate due to a mass shooting on their school grounds.

Who would want to fight border police so that their children can fight for their lives?

As of 2015, there are more guns than people in the U.S. The average NFL player makes $5,098,000, more than the average schoolteacher in Oklahoma. The water is still not drinkable in Flint, Michigan but the President, who denies the existence of climate change, may soon find his beloved Mar-a-Lago underwater for most of the year due to rising water levels. Farmable land is increasingly depleted and yet McMansion subdivisions continue to lay stakeholds on virgin soil.

Is this the dream that the undocumented seek? Will what lies over the wall offer them a better portion of freedom under a banner of stars and stripes?

The truth is that President Trump need not expend a single penny toward the building of a wall. He has already erected a great partition between himself and the “New Colussus,” the tired, poor, huddled masses, yearning to breathe free. He expends little care for any who are not able to contribute meaningfully to the dialectic of white supremacy. But the moat around his own castle is still subject to climate change, and the tide keeps on rising.

I hope the walls are high enough to protect him. I hope the walls are low enough that the rescue crew will still recognize him pantomiming for help.

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